“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Coco Chanel

by ragqueens


Lately, I’ve been getting into a lot of deeper and darker colors. There’s something about blues and blacks that just emanates elegance and gives an outfit a clean look. My outfit here is really simple but that’s what’s nice about it. Sometimes if an outfit has too many pieces to it, it becomes overwhelming. The outfit begins to wear you more than you’re wearing it. You can easily add a black blazer and a funky pair of any color heels and voila! You’ve got yourself a winner.

So, for this outfit, I paired together a blue chiffon skirt I got at Francesca’s boutique with a sleeveless, high collar shirt with a rad black and white print from Target. I wanted to keep the accessories simple with a few silver rings and shiny  black nail polish to allow the outfit to stand out as the centerpiece.

P.S If you haven’t noticed, Target stores seemed to have beefed up their clothing department. They have started to craft a more upscale and sophisticated look to their clothes and they even come at a fairly decent price. They’re a great place to look for inexpensive pieces! Happy shopping!