Morgan’s Momentary Fashion Rant

by ragqueens

So, while at work at the Lizard Thicket boutique the other day, I had a fashion revelation. I was helping tag and beeper some new clothes we had just got in and I started eyeing a couple of new crop tops and thought to myself, “Man, I wish I could pull that off.” But wait, why can’t I? I don’t think I’ve ever even tried one on to be honest. With my thick petite frame, a height of 5’3, and a far from perfect mid section, I never thought I could even attempt to look at myself in the mirror with a crop top on.

These assumptions starting flowing through my mind like poison and nearly stopped me from trying the damn thing on. Isn’t that funny? A simple piece of fabric with sleeves made me reconsider every thing I actually like about my own body. Since I started working at a clothing boutique, it’s so interesting to me seeing grown women turn down my simple suggestions to go out of their comfort zone simply because they never even tried to.

I think my biggest issue with fashion right now is that some people are so scared of delving into the unknown because their afraid that a simple piece of clothing will bring out every insecurity about their body that they ever stuffed away. Who cares if a crop top doesn’t work on your body or a pair of leather pants makes your butt look strange. Everyones bodies are so completely unique and beautiful! It’s okay if something looks amazing on someone else but doesn’t look good on you. Not everything is going to but that shouldn’t stop you from picking up those pants with the wild flower print or that shirt with a cat flat on the front of it. EMBRACE the idea and fact that you’re one of a kind.

So, I tried on that crop top after work that day. It didn’t work on me but it definitely didn’t stop me from trying on (and buying) an amazing pair of chunky, black high top sneakers with a studs and zippers I found at the mall. I wouldn’t have bought those shoes a year ago but I went strayed away from my usual style and now I feel like a Queen.

So, next time you go shopping, pick up ANYTHING & EVERYTHING you like. Pick up those leather pants, try on that wild shirt or those chunky high top sneakers. You never know what going out of your comfort zone may bring you to. It may just completely transform your style and walking out of the dressing room, you will feel like a Queen, too.